Fish, Sockeye Salmon
Fish, Sockeye Salmon
Prince William Sound Sockeye
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Prince William Sound Sockeye are an abundant and sustainable wild Alaskan salmon. Their rich flavor, firm texture, and vibrant color comes from the untouched Alaskan waters they thrive in. High in omega-3 fatty acids, Prince William sockeye is known for its incredible health benefits and taste. Prince William Sound Sockeye has a firm texture that lends itself well to all kinds of grilling, frying and baking recipes.

Best of all, our salmon are harvested sustainable and processed in small batches, so you know you are doing good while getting the best!

Our 6 oz portions:
Defrost quickly for a gourmet meal at home. They are hand cut with natural variability and
carefully wrapped in parchment paper prior to vacuum sealing. This extra step ensures the salmon never touches plastic, and provides an extra barrier that locks in premium quality.
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