Forest Garden Farm
Contact: Lisa Hasselman and Chris Hedgpeth
Address: 10515 SW 140th St Vashon, WA, 98070
Email Address:
Phone: 206-408-7299
About Us
Forest Garden Farm is a diverse vegetable, herb, fruit, cut flower, egg and forest product farm on the north end of Vashon Island which is certified organic by the WSDA. On our family owned and operated farm, we strive to build sustainable systems by working with nature to improve the health of our soil, farm and surrounding ecosystems and to grow fresh, local, rare, and delicious food and flowers. From Fuki, a Japanese vegetable planted by the Fujioka family who farmed the same land for most of the last century, to microgreens; from nasturtiums and anemones to blueberries and tomatoes; we are growing a colorful mix of products for our community.
We use principals of science, permaculture and follow organic regulations on our farm. These include working with nature, crop rotation, low till or no till, solar panels, rainwater catchment, wildlife habitat improvements, perennials, diversity of plants, cover cropping, seed saving, heritage breed chickens, soil grown, drip irrigation, manual pest and weed control methods first and all organic products if additional steps necessary, organic seed, mulch, compost and being open to learning.