Sister Sage LLC
Address: Roseballen Land Trust Farmland 309 S. Cloverdale Street #C21 Seattle, WA, 98108
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Phone: 206-898-2101
About Us
We grow and hand harvest medicinal herbs on our farm on The Roseballen Land Trust farmland, and make our products locally at our facility in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle. Our herbs are grown using natural growing methods with no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and using water wise ways. To complete the cycle, we compost the plant materials back into the soil after infusion.
We are honored to be able to raise medicinal herbs on Vashon Island, and are constantly in awe of the wildlife that visits us as we work. We lovingly cultivate the plants that we use in our formulas, and we are establishing relationships with other plants we hope to bring you soon.
IPM, organic practices but not yet certified, permacultish, would love to know more about biodynamic practices. We Love Mother Earth!