Island Leafy Greens
Contact: Bart Holbrook, Helen & Rodger Phillips
Address: PO Box 325 Vashon, WA, 98070
Email Address:
Phone: 253-261-9498
About Us
Longtime Islanders and friends, Helen & Rodger Phillips and Bart Holbrook grow tasty heads of lettuce, the safest non-GMO, pesticide-free leafy greens & herbs. We grow all year long, with twice weekly harvests. And we do it all right here on Vashon Island. Our selection of crispy lettuces, and aromatic herbs is a delightful and nutritious boost to any culinary adventure. From a quick salad for one, to dinner for the whole family, our produce is just a click and only a half-island away. Your favorites are never out of season. You will taste the difference of fresh, locally grown, and always on-demand produce.
From our farm to your table, Island Leafy Greens uses the latest in hydroponic agriculture technology to cultivate leafy greens in a controlled environment, We are growing 365 days per year and harvesting weekly. This hyper-local approach to farming removes much of the complexity, environmental harm, and health risks associated with traditional agriculture. There’s no contaminant runoff, no herbicides, no pesticides, no waste of water and energy, and no continent-spanning supply chains of CO2 belching trailer trucks with the attendant waste and spoilage.