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Contact: Diane Emerson, Michael Laurie
Address: 13470 108th Ave SW Mailing Address: PO Box 2315 Vashon Island, WA, 98070
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Phone: 206-567-5492
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Licensed WA State Retail Nursery

We have been growing plants on our 3.5 acre Vashon property for 17 years. We are growing over 265 species of plants here, nearly all in full or part shade.
Only a few of our many plants are available through Vashon Fresh. For a much more complete list, please go here:

Our property is a registered Medicinal Botanical Sanctuary, through United Plant Savers. It is listed under Dragonfly Medicinals. We also have guidance for growing medicinal and other plants on two websites: Watershed LLC's site: and Garden Green:

For more information on the medicinal plants we recommend downloading the iPlant app to your smart phone. For each plant it has photos and great information on range and appearance, parts used, physiological effects, medicinal uses, culinary uses, constituents, contraindications, and more.

We have over 70 books on herbs. Michael has read every page of over half of them. Out of all those books, Michael has two books on herbs that he recommends:

“Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West” by Michael Moore, not the filmmaker, but a no longer living but outstanding genius herbalist.
Also, there is the web site for the Herbalism school that he founded which has a lot of free medicinal herb information. I recommend anything you find there written by Michael Moore. I was lucky enough to see him at an Herb Conference in Oregon about 20 years ago and he held his own very well on a panel with MD doctors as far as his understanding of physiology, microbiology, anatomy, and healing.

Another good herb book is the National Geographic “Guide to Medicinal Herbs”.
Two of the authors are MD doctors and the four authors are all top herbal medicine experts. And most of what they say is backed up by scientific studies. And it is only 6 years old, so it is pretty up-to-date on a lot of the latest studies and research.

Some of you may not be familiar with what the typical pricing is for medicinal plants and seeds. To see what prices one of the other sellers of medicinal plants and seeds is charging we recommend that you visit the site of Strictly Medicinal Seeds.
As you will see their prices are the same as ours except that we don’t have a shipping or handling fee. And with us you get the benefit of our over 20 years of growing medicinal plants on Vashon. We know which medicinals are easy or not so hard to grow here and which ones can be challenging. And our seeds are from plants that we have been growing on Vashon for many years.

Our Pacific Northwest native plants are incredibly important to native insects and birds. We are propagating them from our own stock, and a few we have added from other local suppliers of native plants. It is a joy to go for a walk in our mixed deciduous and evergreen forest, and see wild ginger, inside-out flower, native bleeding heart, false lily of the valley, trillium, trout lily, and many more shade tolerant and beautiful native plants.
The property has been spray free since 2003, when Michael purchased it. Michael has been educating the community on the harm of toxic pesticides for many years, and Diane joined him in this work in 2014. Together, with other community support, they run Garden Green. Over the years Michael and Diane have helped our retailers switch to safer products to address gardening challenges, and given many talks to the community. We have many resources to people on our website:

We mostly limit the plants we grow to Medicinal, Edible, or Native to the Pacific Northwest.

We do not have retail sales hours. We have a detailed plant list available here:
We also sell to individuals, and make arrangements for safe purchase and pickup of the plants. As we have time, and our plants are approved by VIGA, we will be entering more plants on the VashonFresh list.