The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie
Address: 19529 Vashon HWY SW Vashon, WA, 98070
Email Address:
Phone: 206-463-9800
About Us
The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie is located in a charming 100+ building where the town of Vashon originated. This place at the center of the island predates the town to the north and Burton to the south.
The Roasterie’s on going legacy is built upon friendships forged over 50 years by Jim Stewart, founder of the “Wet Whisker” est. 1969 on pier 70 in Seattle which he would later name “Seattle’s Best Coffee”
Jim created his own direct trade & fair trade pathways and the concept of “specialty coffee” as a culinary art and launched a movement with the help of Roast Master, Peter Larsen in Seattle that changed what coffee means to people and helped to make Seattle the center of the “specialty coffee” industry. Jim would eventually sell his company to AFC Corporation, which later sold it to Starbucks. He kept his original SBC roasting facility - its original roasting equipment and, its history.
Jim remains in love with coffee and sources rare coffee beans for Eva – owner of ?The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie and Minglement Inc. (her health food store), located in the upper half of the Roasterie.
Jim convinced Eva to try her hand at coffee and introduced her to some of the most rare coffee beans in the world - known for their outstanding flavor and processed in traditional ways.
He asked her to learn the ways of coffee, to bring the Historic Coffee Roasterie alive with community, maintain direct trade relationships and roast coffee using his original vintage roaster. She brought her knowledge of herbs, love of organic food and spices and herb growing origins to this new path. Eva is part of the new generation of coffee roasting entrepreneurs. She creates many of the coffee flavor profiles and blends you see here and finds her own way to interpret the diverse flavor of origin coffees and sees that the spirit of these rare coffees and the people along its way are remembered.
The cellar of the building like a fine wine cellar is perfect for storing the green beans and the coffee is fresh roasted each day on the well seasoned German 1957 GOTHOT coffee roaster. Peter Larsen now works with Eva and under his guidance and mentorship, master roaster Casey, (Eva’s son), roasts these rare reserve coffees using old world roasting craftsmanship using sight, sound and intuition.
Eva’s foundation, called Traditions contributes a portion of retail sales to organizations and individuals dedicated to reclamation & restoration of indigenous cultures and the natural environment. Please visit to learn more.
Note of interest: Apprenticeship for roasting coffee in the old world take 5 years to complete and a lifetime of experience to perfect.