Pacific Crest Farm
Address: 23720 Dockton Rd SW Vashon, WA, 98070
Email Address:
Phone: 206-755-5095
About Us
Pacific Crest Farm is a diverse 18-acre organic farm located on Vashon/Maury Island. The farm is operated by Jen and Bob Keller. Our land is owned by Pacific Crest Montessori School, located in Seattle. Students from the school play an active role in the farm, coming out for weekly day trips, overnights and summer camps. We grow mixed vegetables, berries and flowers on approximately 2 acres. We harvest from an array of fruit and nut trees from about 10 acres. In addition, we raise laying hens, turkeys, sheep and pigs.
We are Certified Naturally Grown and use all organic practices. We build our soil health by using compost, animal manures, okara and with crop rotations and cover crops. We use organic, non-GMO seeds and when we can, save our own. Our animals are fed organic grains and are regularly rotated to fresh pasture. We host, train and work with beginning farmers every season as part of an internship program.