Venison Valley Farm & Creamery
Contact: Kelsey & Ben Killian
Address: 9617 SW 192nd St Vashon, WA, 98070
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About Us
Venison Valley Farm & Creamery, operated by Kelsey and Ben Killian, is a grass-fed cow dairy. We produce a delicious cream-top yogurt and several varieties of aged cheeses. Check out our website for more info and pics!
We milk Jingle, Belle and Norma Jean twice a day using machine milkers. Our cows' diet consists of grass pasture, hay seasonally, and supplemental grain while they are in milk. We use rotational grazing to manage our pastures and have kept our herd small to prevent over-grazing.
We handle our milk in our Grade A micro-creamery where we produce raw cheese (aged over 60 days) and pasteurized milk for making yogurt and fresh cheeses. We vat pasteurize, the gentlest kind of pasteurization, to protect the flavor and nutritional riches of our milk.