Sander Family Farm
Contact: Jeromy and Anna Sander
Address: 22914 75th Ave SW Vashon, WA, 98070
Email Address:
Phone: 206-650-2594
About Us
Our little farm is nestled on 5 acres on Maury Island. We inherited an established vegetable garden and heirloom fruit trees and over the past ten years we have added berries, flowers and herbs to our hobby farm. Our two children and preschool students help in the garden when they can and always enjoy the fruits and berries at harvest time!
We have three flocks of chickens who take turns free ranging in our orchard and three nigerian dwarf goats.
We use sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening practices including rainwater collection for watering, composted chicken and goat manure for fertilizer and solar energy for our whole property. We grow our plants from seed each year in a small greenhouse, use hand tools and a broad fork instead of a tiller.