The Mighty Truffle
Contact: Azula Phillips
Address: po box 2505 Vashon, WA, 98070
Email Address:
Phone: 206-979-0669
About Us
The Mighty Truffle is a Vashon home-grown business. We currently produce out of a small commercial kitchen and food hub on Vashon. We specializes in tantalizing flavor profiles designed to delight your palate and enliven your senses, with desserts made for enhancing health and vitality. Many of our truffles begin with our original Intensely Chocolate recipe, made with fair trade ingredients basic recipe: cacao butter and powder, raw vanilla powder, extra-virgin coconut oil and nectar and/or high-grade maple syrup.

Our Specialties: ( all raw, vegan, organic, paleo, adaptable to food sensitivities and allergies)

Custom Blend Tonic Truffles
Raw Vegan Paleo-friendly low or no sugar organic desserts and savories.

Our custom blend truffle possibilities are virtually infinite and include many combinations of: local handcrafted small-batch whiskey, and liqueurs, such as organic spiced anisette, cardamom, ginger, lemongrass, hibiscus, honeysuckle, lavender, mint, red raspberry, with fresh-roasted and or with local and /or fair trade raw or roasted hazelnuts, raw nutbutters, tonic herbs and spice custom blends, and more. Contact us for additional information about our unique flavor options as well as pricing for special events and custom retail orders.

Raw Vegan Paleo Organic Desserts and Savories, simple-pleasure specials will vary from week to week.

We create unique sweet and savory seasonal tarts, cakes, and bars, focusing on fair trade and fresh local ingredients for your catering needs.
Fresh strawberry fruit tart with coconut butter cream glaze, crust: brazil nuts, dates, coconut, sea salt. Fresh basil garnish.

Savory garbanzo bean truffle appetizers or pate:
Blend of finely chopped and mixed garbanzo beans, fresh local veggies and/or greens, herbs, nuts,
rolled in vegan parmesan. Best Fresh.

Please contact Azula at 206.979.0669
We love our local farmers and use their ingredients every chance we get!