Contact: Dave and Katie Hatfield
Address: 10714 SW Cemetery Rd Vashon, WA, 98070
Email Address:
Phone: 541-390-3783
About Us
Pink Tractor farm is a sustainable and organically managed farm in Paradise Valley. We raise chicken, turkeys, beef, lamb, and pork completely free range using intensive pasture management. ALL PRODUCT THAT WE SELL ARE RAISED AND/OR GROWN START TO FINISH ON VASHON. We integrate our animals into our gardening practices to grow some truly amazing heirloom vegetables. We do not use GMO seeds and rely solely on heritage breeds and heirloom seeds. Please contact us for a farm tour because everyone should know where their food comes from.
We strive to have a carbon foot print and be as sustainable as possible. Organic practices are our number one priority as is allowing our animals to graze on pasture and woodlands from start to finish. Through the use of intensive animal management and rehabilitative pasturing techniques we have created acres of verdant green fields atop rich humus filled topsoil. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, hormones or any feed with antibiotics.