Terms of Service

Vashon Fresh is committed to supporting local agriculture and providing excellent customer service.  We strive to create a vibrant and successful online marketplace for you to enjoy locally grown or made products.

1. There are no membership fees, producers need to pay a $25 VIGA membership fee. You will need to create an account to order or sell.  Your information will be securely stored.  We will not share or sell your information.

2. There is a $10 delivery fee with no minimum purchase. There is no fee for pick-up at the village green.

3.  Secure delivery boxes: You will be expected to provide a secure location for your order to be placed if you are not home to receive your delivery.  The container needs to be big enough for your order, have a lid/closure that can be secured, and be located in an accessible, preferably, shaded part of your property.

4. Ice Packs: Please leave cold packs in your cooler to ensure your order stays fresh!

5. Flower Delivery: To maintain the quality of your floral purchases, we ask that you leave a bucket/jar/vessel with water, preferably in a shaded location to receive flowers

6. Producers must fully disclose practices used to raise livestock and grow crops to members of Vashon Fresh so consumer members can make informed purchasing decisions about producers and products offered. Full disclosure of growing, farming and production practices forms the basis of trust between Vashon Fresh consumers and producers.

7. Vendors will only sell items that they have grown or processed.  Value added products must use as many local ingredients as possible. In the case of seafood, the vendor must own, lease, or operate the fishing vessel or own, lease or rent the parcel of land where the seafood is caught or harvested for sale at Vashon Fresh. The vendor must be a legal resident of the State of Washington

8. Every producer member is responsible to know and be in compliance with all appropriate federal, state and local inspections, licenses, statutes, taxes and ordinances. Vashon Fresh does not collect sales tax; producer members are encouraged to price their goods accordingly.

9. We will inspect and pack all orders prior to distribution. In the event that product gets damaged during packing, we will provide a  credit to the customer, provided that the damaged goods are returned.

10. Vashon Fresh has no liability for products sold.

11. Vendors are responsible for having their products ready for pickup or drop off at pre-arranged times/places.

12. Customers are responsible for confirming that their orders are complete.  All orders must be paid for before or at time of pickup or delivery.

13. Vashon Fresh accepts EBT payments as well as SNAP Market Match & VIGA Farm Bucks. These transactions must be made in person at the Village Green pick up site, 2:00 - 3:00 PM Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

14. Each order placed is a legally enforceable contract. If a customer fails to pickup an order, they are is still obligated to pay for the items ordered.